The Rules Of The Server

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The Rules Of The Server

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:58 am

These Rules Are Not Finished.

All Government Classes

Government jobs are not allowed to own their own separate base. Their home is the Police Department.
Government jobs must follow the guidelines and rules set by the Mayor.
Government jobs can be corrupt, but can be demoted for being corrupt. (You can NOT RDA, RDM or raid without a valid warrant.)
Any action that involves not following rules set by the Mayor is considered corruption.
Government jobs are only allowed to weapon check in the Police Department or Bank.
Do not randomly arrest someone without reason.
You must always have a valid roleplay reason to search, warrant or want a player.Tip offs are not valid reasons.
After a valid (adverted) warning, government jobs may legally eliminate lawbreakers who resist arrest or flee.
If you are shot at, you must shoot back. Do not attempt to arrest someone who is shooting at you. (Baton Rush)
Don't metagame. You cannot warrant based on information you read in OOC or other players, or noises you heard through a wall.
During a lockdown, government jobs may arrest any non-government officials that aren't hobos.
Government officials do not have NLR.
You may not keep a player handcuffed for longer than 3 minutes.
Note: You cannot drop weapons as Government Jobs.


You may be demoted for being corrupt.
The Mayor may set his own bail price or disallow bail altogether.
If there is no Mayor, The Police Chief may set the bail rules instead.
You may change laws to be active or inactive based on the list at the bottom of the rules.
You may create a lockdown at any time for any reason.
You may build in the PD with cosmetic props only. No fading doors or blockades.
Citizens are not allowed to raid or steal.
Citizens can own small arms such as pistols and must have a license.

Gun Dealer

You must sell to the public. You cannot refuse public selling.
You cannot scam as a vendor.
You can put vending machines anywhere on public property.
Do not self-supply. (Switching to the class only to supply items for you and your friends)


Thieves are allowed to raid and pickpocket anywhere except spawn.
Thieves have to wait 5 minutes before raiding the same base.

Gangster and Mob Boss

Gangsters are allowed to raid anywhere.


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